"Renegades" decided with his quintet on discipline CS:GO

14 July 2016

Last night it was reported that the Australian team for the discipline CS: GO - "Renegades", strengthened and announced its top five. Recall that in June, the team captain decided to face - Chad "SPUNJ" Bёrchilu. But today guys manned its membership and could announce their top five.

As for the player under the nickname "SPUNJ", then the Australian has finished playing career, as he and "Renegades" was not able to achieve its goals, the guys did not show significant results and few have been seen other than qualifications. Recently, Chad said that still continue your walking in eSports, it is currently not announced which will keep the player career, and perhaps all will be the coach of a team.

I would like to note the changes within the team, from this moment the position of leader in the game takes Yaman "Yam" Ergenekon, he was almost a year stands under the banner of "Renegades", but the experience of the captain of his minuscule, but it is learned during the game, and the first test of a serious for "Renegades" will match against "FlipSid3" within "ELEAGUE Last Chance", currently account for card 1: 0, the Australians have beaten one of the eight best teams "ESL one Cologne", creating a small sensation at this mini-tournament. Also, as reported by one of the news portals on discipline CS: GO, for "Renegades" this will be the last tournament, so the guys after the completion of the league, will compete under the new banner of them is no information present.

The composition of the "Renegades" for the upcoming "ELEAGUE Last Chance":

Aaron «AZR» Ward

Rica «Rickeh» Mulholland

Karloc «USTILO» pivasom

Justin «jks» Seveydzh

Yaman «Yam» Ergenekon