Major-tournament for Dota 2 - be

14 July 2016

Just recently there was an information purporting to be from the manager of the Chinese team "EHOME", that Major-tournament system in the next year will not be used, and everything will return to its place, several championships of such grand institutions: "Starladder", "PGL", "I-league" and others. It would be what are the Major-tournaments and what they do need.

In the autumn of 2015 the company "Valve" has announced a tournament system, namely, Major-tournaments to be held in different regions. The prize fund of the championships was $ 3,500,000. During this season they were held in Frankfurt, Shanghai and Manila, and they are created in order to take away on the long-awaited "The International 6" stable groups that show a good game and be able to demonstrate a colorful game in Seattle.

According to the manager "EHOME", "Valve" decided to abandon this carrying system. But the very next day, a well-known commentator - Vitali "v1lat" Volochay refuted this information and asked not to believe the word "manager" EHOME, since it does not correspond to reality. So next season will continue to delight us with their colorful championships. Interestingly, the only one where the same will be held Major-tournaments, whether the CIS will be able to see the scale of e-sports, in fact already carried out very good tournaments, enough to remember "Starladder I-league" in Minsk and "EPICENTER" in Moscow. It was after this Event at the community began to emerge rumors about the venue of the next Major-tournament.