"Arcade eSports" and their victory in the trial of cybersportman

14 July 2016

Belarusian organization "Arcade eSports" Ivan "gorec" Kartankov went not so well. Last week, in one of the Russian courts, namely the Sverdlovsk District Court in Belgorod pleaded guilty gamer. The fact that a professional player in the discipline Dota 2, in the summer of 2015 came to the Belarusian organization "Arcade eSports" which has signed a contract, which is responsible for such items as: advocate for the organization of 3 months, in addition if both sides were willing to continue cooperate - the extension of the contract.

But in the same 2015 Ivan afford to ignore a number of conditions, namely the player was not prepared with the team at bootcamp. This is when an organization takes the house in preparation for some important championship. Also "gorec" did not use the tag-team, well, the most important is that it allows to conduct various negotiations with other organizations and groups, when a player "Arcade eSports". Belarusian management took advantage of a negligence of the player and submitted the case to the court, which was reviewed in the near term. Conclusion - Ivan "gorec" Kartankov guilty, he will pay 115,000 rubles organization "Arcade eSports". The interesting thing is that Ivan was absent during the trial.

Recall that at the moment Ivan stands for "Power Rangers", the guys were unsuccessful in qualifying for The International 6, so we will have to expect changes in the Belarusian team camp within a short time. Another interesting fact is that this is the first time in eSports conflicts escalated into litigation. But this again underlines the status of e-sports, as well as the role of documentation in the agreements signed between the organization and competitive players.