Announcing the second season ECS

15 July 2016

The second season of ECS will be held in October this year. Esports Championship Series (ECS) - a leading eSports league of eSports for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, founded by FACEIT with the support of Twitch. The first season took place from April to May 2016 with the final in London, UK on SSE Arena Wembley on 24-26 June 2016.

The budget for the tournament season 2 has not changed. Organizers have announced $ 3.5 million dollars for this year. Thus, 2 Season allocated $ 1.75 million dollars. As in the first season, a regular part of the tournament will take part 10 teams from Europe and North America. Date of opening of the second season of ECS - October 7, 2016, and the Grand Final scheduled for December 8, 2016

"Grand-Final second season Esports Championship Series (ECS) is scheduled for December 8, 2016"

Regular season ECS in Europe - Europe League - and North America - North America League - will be preceded by 4 qualification (Open qualifiers). Open qualifiers will be held from August 5 to August 27, 2016.

"Open qualification will allow new teams to showcase their talents in the world and to join the top league of eSports Esports Championship Series (ECS).
It is our goal - to give a chance to new teams to express themselves and become recognizable in the eSports community and become stars. We are ready to inject fresh talent into the pool of our ECS teams first season "
Michele Attisani, CBO of FACEIT

The winners of each open training in Europe and North America will play in the League of development (Development league). By the 4 best teams of Open Qualifiers joined by 4 teams, which took the last line in the first season. It is the following commands:

from Europe:
Natus Vincere (Ukraine)
Dignitas (Europe)

North America
Echo Fox (USA)
Team Kaliber (USA)

The League of development will be raffled 2 tickets to the main tournament of the "survival games".

"Esports Championship Series will provide our players a stable structure, similar to the traditional sport."
Niccolo Maisto, CEO FACEIT.

In the first season the team won the G2 Esports (France) with a prize of $ 250,000 dollars.

Yuri Donchenko