The Summit 5: The losing team

19 July 2016

In the period from 13 to 17 July in Los Angeles, passes through the Dota 2 tournament - "The Summit 5". The venue selected one of the studio houses "Beyond The Summit". The prize pool of $ 100,000. The last time "The Summit" got the winner - "Evil Geniuses", in the final could beat "", thus "bears" took second place and won a small cash award, a $ 25.845.

At this time, "" could not attend the championship, because due to fraud, the organizers decided to invite to your championship "Ad Finem" - Gretskaya team is known for participation in various qualifiers, particularly interested in them in the European qualifications for "The 6 International ". At the same tournament, the Greeks flew in the first round of the lower grid, as conceded "Team Liquid" at the top of the grid, and suffered defeat from "Natus Vincere" in the net-losers. "FDL" players also took the 7-8 place, we recall that the US organization "FDL" visited Los Angeles as it won the viewers vote. It is held in vnutreigrovom subject "Compendium", which allowed to choose only one team that deserves to participate in this event.

Also today, as recently ended the match in the lower grid, where the clash between "Digital Chaos" and "Team Liquid", "kuroky & co" have left no chance to his opponents and passed to the next stage, while "DC" concluded their participation in this tournament, satisfied only 5-6 place.

5-6 place: "Digital Chaos" / "Natus Vincere" or "Fnatic"

7-8 place: "FDL" / "Ad Finem"