Dreamhack Valencia 2016 (CS: GO) - "Alientech" winners

19 July 2016

Today ended with the final match of the championship Dreamhack Valencia 2016 to the discipline of CS: GO. Victory in this tournament won "Alientech", Portuguese no chance overpowered his rivals of "beGeniues", showing their experience and level of team play. Recall that the event was held not only in the discipline CS: GO, and in games such as the: Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and others.

On Championship CS: GO made by the owners of the championship, namely, such as the Spanish team: "k1ck.es", "KYIF.Logitech G", "Wololos" and "gBots eSports Club". By the way, with open qualifying went commands such as: "Team Genus", "Galatics E-sports" and "beGeniues". If the first stage of the two teams failed - play-off, and flew to the quarterfinals, the French of "beGenius" took place in the grand final, but unfortunately failed to show there is a confident game. Perhaps I burned, but I'm sure that the next time the French will play a more confident and it is an invaluable experience for the team and the composition of the players "beGeniues".

The prize was $ 9,000, and the distribution was as follows:

1st place - Team Alientech ($ 4,430)

2nd place - beGeniues ($ 2,207)

3rd place - gBots eSports Club ($ 1,324)