SL Female Championship: Team Secret - the winners

19 July 2016

Just a few minutes from the organization of the championship ended "Starladder", namely "SL Female Stars Championship", which was held in St. Petersburg. This tournament was held in the framework of "VKFest", but that's not the only difference from other championships. As you know by name "SL Female Champioship" - is a tournament exclusively among women's teams. The venue of the 300th anniversary of the park was chosen at the event attended by four teams of two from each region (Europe and CIS).

Open qualifying took place in the period from 6 to 21 June, the CIS was fortunate to represent these two teams: "Reason Gaming Female" and "EYESPORTS.Female". The first won the silver medal at this championship, losing in the final of the girls from the "Team Secret", while "EYESPORTS" satisfied with only the third or fourth line. By the way, from Europe were "Team Secret" and "TEAM Heaven". By the way, the German team had problems with one of the team member - Julia "Julia" Shtrunkovski, it replaces Anastasia "Nast1a" Evdohina, which has shown itself not bad, but it was not enough and "Team Heaven" took the 3-4 place in the while "Team Secret" has won the second gold at the championships among women's teams. The last victory for them was the "Copenhagen Games".

The prize pool of $ 9,000, and the distribution was as follows:

1st place - "Team Secret": $ 5,000

2nd place - "Reason Gaming Female": $ 3,000

3rd place - "EYESPORTS.Female" and "Team Heaven": $ 1,000.

The compositions of the four participants can be seen below:

"Team Secret": juliano, vilga, zAAz, nylon, mimimicheater;

"Reason Gaming Female": Ant1ka, Bloody Elf, DSHQ, t4tty, RiLEY;

"EYESPORTS.Female": Jen, Candy, Parti, Ailey, Sindi;

"Team Heaven": Nast1a, JinJin, HellRose, Shifty, Kllyve.