"The Summit 5": "Wings" - champions

19 July 2016

This morning ended the championship in the discipline Dota 2, the organizer of which was the famous studio lighting LAN-championships - "Beyond The Summit". The venue of Los Angeles has been selected, the team played in uyutnenko house which was the property was "Beyond the Summit". By the way, before the 4 seasons in a row the team very grateful to the organization for what the guys arrange a homely atmosphere and it is easier to come to games and tune them.

The winner of the fifth tournament in a row "The Summit 5" were Chinese from "Wings", in the end they were able to beat the two-time champions Major-tournaments, the team "OG". By the way, in this event, they have met each other in the final part of the top grid, then won by the Chinese, too, confidently beating the European top five.

As for the grand finale: he began the dictation of "OG", they showed a great game on the first map, which naturally defeated "Wings" and even gave hope to his fans, to that this championship is to end in favor of the European team. But it was not there, the Chinese were able to meet and beat the next three cards "OG" and became the champions of the fifth season of "The Summit". Prior to this, the winner was "Evil Geniuses", they emerged victorious from the confrontation in the match against the "bears" from "Virtus.pro".

It should be noted that "The Summit" in this house will be carried out not only matches. The other day was the announcement of the second season of "Star League" and "Starladder" said that it was Los Angeles will be the venue of the championship, on the grounds that it will help teams better prepare for the "The International 6".

1st place: "Wings" - $ 42,944

2nd place: "OG" - $ 22,735

3rd place: "Team Liquid" - $ 13,136

4th place: "Natus Vincere" - $ 10,104