The second season is on its way GOCL [CS: GO]

19 July 2016

Good news came to us from the organizers "Faceit" and "Epic eSports Events", they, together with "CSGOLounge" have decided to hold the championship in the discipline CS: GO. And so it will be called: "Global Offensive: Champions League (GOCL)". The prize fund is much different from the past season, we recall that earlier cash consideration amounted to as much as $ 30,000, while in this tournament it was only $ 5,000. But it is not only a fundamental change compared to last season. The main innovation is that at the last championship in this series was attended by only top teams from all over the world, we note commands such as: "Natus Vincere", "", "Dignitas", "HellRaisers", "Mousesports", "FlipSid3" and other grants. All participants were exclusively by invitation, but this time the organizers decided to make the online training. And now, instead of the 12 participating teams we will see as many as 16. The 8 teams will participate at the invitation, while another eight will play open qualification.

It is the perfect solution from the organizers, creating an open qualifications, because the little-known team and the young players will be able to show itself in all its glory and to show what they can do. Incidentally, in recent years increasingly appears like tournaments where a young team is given a chance to break into the competitive scene, such as Minor-game events that are held prior to each season Major-tournament and others. The tournament is scheduled to go for 5 weeks, four of which will occupy the qualifying stages, of which we informed you above. The last 7 days, the best team in the qualification results will be fighting with the eight invited teams for the prize pool of $ 5,000.