CyberDinamo. Dinamo (Moscow) announces collaboration with Tornado Rox

19 July 2016

FC Dinamo (Moscow) and the sports organization Tornado Rox signed a cooperation agreement. Most likely, the Dinamo (Moscow) will be the first football club in the CIS, which has a cyber division.

It should be noted that the Tornado Rox has already had experience of cooperation with a famous football club in Russia. In preparation for the Continental League LCL for eSports discipline League of Legends players of Rox held training camp at the base of the Dynamo (Moscow) "Navagorsk-Dynamo". Continental League brings together the top 8 teams League of Legends in the CIS region. Team Tornado Rox won 3rd place in the regular season of Summer 2016. Also players Dinamo Christopher Samba (Congo) and Egor Danilkin (Russian Federation) took part in the exhibition for all fans of interactive entertainment "IgroMir-2015."

So, the two parties decided to conclude a framework agreement on mutual cooperation. It has become a trend in the world where football clubs are expanding their area of interest on the eSports. Dynamo (Moscow) - the first football club of the CIS, which has received this experience.

In recent years, interest in Russian to the eSports also acquired mass popularity. According to recent studies eSports audience in the Russian Federation interest in computer games exhibit more than 50 million people. Such a surge of interest and confirmed at the level of the Russian government: there was an order of the RF Ministry of Sport for recognition of eSports or "eSports" an official sport. Now athletes cyber-reality got the same rights and opportunities as players or athletes.

Leaders FC Dynamo (Moscow) hopes to increase the audience of fans and get additional funding from new sponsors. For its part, the athletes Tornado Rox receive financial and logistical support from the management of a major player in the Russian Federation the sport.

Dinamo (Moscow) was founded in 1923. Today it is one of the most successful clubs in Russia. At least, the number of titles won and the budget is among the three top leaders of football in Russia. 11 times won the championship of the USSR / Russian Federation, 7 times - the Cup of the USSR / Russian Federation, 1 time - Super Cup USSR. Dinamo (Moscow) was a pioneer among the players of the former Soviet Union, which in 1972 won the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. According to the information of the club budget is $ 150 million.

Yuri Donchenko