Twitch blocked account PhantomL0rd, in which the advertised sites-roulette (Scandal!)

20 July 2016

It seems that the leader of the Twitch streaming adopted recommendations Valve Developer and began to block channels that advertise sites and services sites-roulette. Today it became known that one of the channels, which belongs to a certain James Varga with the nickname "PhantomL0rd", blocked on Twitch.

Channel PhantomL0rd has over 1.3 million subscribers and was on the 7th place by the number of followers. This did not prevent his leadership Twitch block "for violation of service terms." The scandal has become a logical continuation of the theme with roulette-bans sites in the field of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which fraudulently cheat ratings, views, and, ultimately, money and profit.

In June 2016 a resident of Connecticut filed a lawsuit a class action on the developer CSGO company Valve and services that use the roulette bets and dishonest. And in July 2016 just 2 owners such services admitted fraud. They did fake video where winnings are falsified and introduced clients to confusion with respect to income on such sites. July 8 was filed another lawsuit against Valve, but in Florida, USA. The developer of the famous game no choice than to begin the process of cleansing services around objects in Counter-Strike.

PhantomL0rd - an example of the fraudulent service. In July this year the owners of 2 sites roulette admitted conducting unfair business CSGO subjects by rigging on Youtube-video. Nicky TmarTn and ProSyndicat, now forever go down in history of eSports and gaming as an example of how not to do business. Likewise PhantomL0rd, most likely, will not pop up after such a scandal and world fame in Internet networks.

Show of Richard Lewis

July 16 well-known analyst and commentator CSGO Richard Lewis (Richard Lewis) published the shocking facts of documented correspondence PhantomL0rd an employee of one of the services of dishonest roulette. As you can see, Richard proves that James Varga paid to heads of sites-roulette for twisting results.

Unlike other services, the company always confess only honest business practices and transparent principles in our work.

Yuri Donchenko