"The International 6" and a record amount of prize fund

21 July 2016

Today, there was a pleasant and record the news, as the largest prize fund of the championship in the discipline Dota 2 - "The International 6" has exceeded $ 18,000,000, which is almost equal to the figure for this year 2015. Note that the fifth in a row "The International", a cash consideration amounted to $ 18,429,613. But the interesting fact is that in 2016 the amount was collected in 2 months (to be precise then 63 days), while in the organizer took three months of last year (~ 93 days).

I would like to tell from what prize fund accumulates. The annual championship "The International 6", has always intrigued its players and fans of various cosmetic items that change the animation attack or a certain capacity. This year was no exception, at the end of May, there was the "Battle Pass", similar to the book, more commonly known as the "Compendium". With this book you will be able to pass a variety of tasks, quests bring experience points, which help to improve the standard of "skipping". When you reach a certain goal, you get the item or cosmetic effect for in-game artifact. The cost of this "Battle Pass" is $10.00.

With every purchase of this book, you are refreshing the budget of the prize pool to $ 2.50. It is through these changes, "Valve" every year surprised by its size. We hope "The International 6" not only beat the record for the money that went to the prize pool and the number of views of matches. This tournament is scheduled to go from 3 to 13 August in Seattle, America. The best teams will fight for the title of best team in the world. By the way "Natus Vincere" will be the sole representatives of the CIS and will act out scenes for everyone.