Player Super Smash Bros. suspended from playing in tournaments for 1 year for sexual harassment

21 July 2016

Scandals continue in eSports. After the incident with dummies of the Match StarCraft II "life", and blocking sites, roulette, who fraudulently sold items Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, now there is information on sexual harassment Player Super Smash Bros. Alcohol and sport - things are not compatible! Especially in e-sports. The history below - a clear confirmation.

Cristian "Hyuga" Medina

As The International DotA, in the world of fighting games Super Smash Bros. the main tournament of the year is the EVO. At today's event of the year was an unpleasant and a cautionary tale. Player Mexican team Toon Link Cristian "Hyuga" Medina after the game was in alcoholic intoxication. A young couple who was with him in the same company, invited him to catch up on sleep after a hard day. However, at night the same evening, the girl found a pro-player in bed together, and her boyfriend. Cristian Medina tried to caress her and requests to stop not react. As a result, the pair drove drunk gamer.

"That night I was suddenly awakened by the fact that Christian began to paw me - with one hand, he crawled under my shirt, and the second - in panties. I am Cuban, and I know well enough Spanish so I told him that he left me and. he returned to the floor immediately. he was drunk and would not leave. Then I cried and my boyfriend woke up and told him to lay on the other bed. After trying for 15 minutes, Christian does not subsided, so that my boyfriend was forced to drive them out of rooms. I was very upset by what had happened, and all in tears. and what if I was alone without my boyfriend in the room? We have submitted a report to the police. "

So VikkiKitty explained the incident in her twitter

This girl was a famous commentator on Super Smash Bros. Victoria «VikkiKitty» Perez. In the morning she told about what happened in the case of his Twitter and organizers of the tournament. Given the potential consequences for the development of e-sports, and favorite game Super Smash Bros. Sponsor of the competition announced the termination of support for the player and the whole of the Mexican team. Thus, a player Christian "Hyuga" Medina was the ban on the game in all competitions to 17 July 2017. And the repetition of such actions on his part, that the ban may be extended up to a lifetime ban. The player explains all his intoxication.

"I - I'm just a good man, but I was was very drunk. I'm sorry about this..."

Super Smash Bros. - a digital game in the style fighting game, which is developing rapidly and has a esports direction. Developer: HAL Laboratory. Publisher: Nintendo. Platform: Console Nintendo 64. The first release came out in Japan in 1999.

Yuri Donchenko