Fnatic has new lineup of Overwatch

22 July 2016

Sports organization Fnatic announced the signing of a new composition of the Overwatch. Yesterday, July 21 on the official website of the company announced a new roster. Fnatic.Overwatch team members began the American team athletes nubris (USA). Professional gamers from the United States are some of the strongest athletes in the world Overwatch. In particular, they have repeatedly won tournaments GosuGamers Overwatch Weekly NA. The total amount of winnings nubris former players in such a short lifetime Overwatch eSports discipline is at the time of joining the Fnatic was $ 1,840 dollars. Recall that the official release of the game Overwatch released May 24, 2016.

So, the world is always in need of heroes. Heroes of the new members of the Overwatch team Fnatic were:

André "iddqd" Dahøstrom (DPS, Sweden);
Scott "Custa" Kennedy (Support, Australia);
Oliver "Vonethil" Lager (Support, Sweden);
Casey "buds" Mcllwaine (DPS, the United States) ;
Warsi Faraaz "Stoop" Waris (Tank, USA);
Matthew "coolmatt69" Iorio (Flex, USA).

Team Coach: Robert "Roflgator" Malecki (USA).

At Fnatic has been the lineup of the Overwatch: their roster on October 27 2015 Battlefield 4 moved to more promising game Overwatch. But by January 4, 2016 the team set up its own brand REUNITED.gg. Under the colors yellow and white flowers REUNITED guys were able to win a number of trophies.

Achievements REUNITED

The names of former players nubris well known in the eSports community. For example, Swedes and Iddqd Vonethil. Oliver "Vonethil" Lager has shown himself as a strong in-game leader while a large number of matches. And Andre "iddqd" Dahlström has proved its right to be the strongest in the attack with perfect decision-making skills. The American trio Stoop, coolmatt69 and buds - cementing the core team, the strongest in North America. These pro-American players played for Team EnVyUs.

Overwatch - one of the most promising games, especially in e-sports. There is strong evidence that the game replaces the old giants of League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Overwatch - This first-person shooter, which is being developed and supported by Blizzard Entertainment. in November 2014 the first time the public was presented, at the main event in the world of digital games BlizzCon. Beta testing ended only in May 2016 and 24 May there was the official release of the game. The game is available on the platforms: PC (Windows), Xbox One and PS4.

Yuri Donchenko