"Starladder Season 2": "Digital Chaos" and "Complexity" flew

23 July 2016

Today it became known that the American team "Complexity" and "Digital Chaos" have completed their performance in this tournament. If the first did not win a single match in this tournament, the "DC" resisted very strong team: "Team Secret" and "Fnatic". "Complexity" began its way into the top netting with "Team Secret", but the Europeans have shown a very cool game, showed a high and confirmed that they are the main favorites to win this championship. The next day, "Complexity" had to fight with ex-staff "Virtus.pro" - "F.R.I.E.N.D.S", who act in this championship with the replacement. Instead Artem "fng" Barshak, a place in the team has won Andrey "ALWAYSWANNAFLY" Bondarenko.

By the way, this team only one tournament, as stated by Sergey "God" Bragin. In an interview before the match with "Digital Chaos", the journalist studio "SLTV" decided to talk with the "for God", he said that after the end of the event in Los Angeles, players will continue his career in different teams and get together after " The International 6 ". As for the "Complexity" command, they appear very unstable and show poor results in recent years. Most likely after the end of "The International 6", namely, "Wild-card-tournament" if "coL" perform poorly they expect changes in the composition.

"Digital Chaos" also played with "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" but already at the top of the grid, where they were able to beat them and to guarantee a ticket to the semi-finals, but there they had to fight with the "secret". "Team Secret" confidently beat "Digital Chaos" and reached the final, where they will fight "Natus Vincere". "DC" to turn the upcoming match with "Fnatic", was interested in the fact that both teams are members of "The International 6" and for them this championship as a training before the grand tournament in Seattle. Victory in this match celebrated "Fnatic" and were able to get into the next stage of the bottom grid, while "Digital Chaos" have completed their participation in the 7-8 line.