Experts: Industry eSports passed into professionalizing stage

26 July 2016

On the eve of the main event of eSports this year The International 2016 industry experts say a new stage in the development. According to market data lead agency, which specializes in e-sports, eSports and competitive gaming industry has entered a new phase of growth. As noted in the comments of experts in the field of competitive gaming has increased significantly the number of companies, brands and investors, which serve the professional scene.

Revenues by region of the world of e-sports in 2016

"E-sports industry is entering a period of professionalization. Among other things, this means that there are more transparent relationship between the teams and sponsors."

A huge part of the eSports revenue comes from Asia through the brand Alibaba and Tencent. Among the regions, the special role played by Asia. It is the most capacious market today with revenues of $ 328 million dollars in the current year. This is followed by North America with $ 275 million dollars and Europe - $ 269 million. On the rest of the world accounts for only $ 19 million. Although countries such as Brazil and Turkey have a very developed infrastructure, their share is insignificant.

Pie of incomes in eSports industry by segments (as of 2016)

As follows from the report, in the next stage of development of the world e-sports should expect an increase in the role of the two games - Rocket League and Overwatch. Overwatch will become the new big eSports discipline with 10 million audience.

"Overwatch will become the new big eSports discipline with 10 million audience."

As you can see in the chart above, sponsorship and advertising money occupy 75% of the total pie. And only 9% ($ 78 million dollars for 2016) - this is money prize tournaments budgets. Recall that the budget of the tournament record recorded last 2015 Main Event DOTA 2 and for the competitive community of fans and pros. In 2015 The International prize pool of $ 18,429,613 dollars. And although broken record this year, there are only a little less than $ 16 thousand dollars, the tournament scale of the strikes, even far from the nuances of the sports gaming industry people.

Yuri Donchenko