LGD Gaming will go to The International 6 with replacement

28 July 2016

According to the Chinese organization "LGD Gaming", the team will travel to Seattle on "The International 6" with the replacement in the person of Van "banana" Jiao. Who in his time, by the way he became a champion with "Newbee" team in 2014. Can he confirm his superiority with another Chinese team will see in America in the period from 3 to 13 August. Replace "banana" another representative of the Chinese region - Susa "September" Chzhichuanya, who was unable to reach a visa at the American Embassy, in consequence of which the whole, he can say conducted in an empty, a barrier to the dream, it became an embassy.

It is surprising that all this is happening, when in e-sports prize fund amounts to $ 18,000,000, kibersportsmeny - professional players can not get to the World Cup, when he created already kibersportivnye visa, but as we see it's only words. Strikes and the company "Valve", which does not make the required actions to participants without problems were getting to their event. If you recall a number of different championships in America, this is not the first time, and it is repeated from year to year.

Last year, by the way on the verge of failure it was Akbar "Sonneiko" Bhutan, which was refused twice, but the third (with Valve) ended a pleasant mood for the Russian player. We hope in the future, these problems will remain only a single case, to some extent, the players will be more diligently preparing for the interview, and the company "Valve" will take the initiative to the team at full strength they were getting to the championship.