Argentina squad selected for the World Cup for CS:GO

28 July 2016

This morning ended with a decisive match for the passage to the next stage of the world championship in the discipline "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" - "The World Championship". LAN-finals of this championship are going to take place in October, from 5 to 9 numbers. It is very strange that many teams have decided to act in this tournament, the prize pool which, by the way $ 100,000. Very good cash consideration will receive the winner team. So move on to lineups: Danish team released its roster, which does not have a single player the best Danish team - "Astralis", players are currently no comments on this decision the team captain - Casper "cadiaN" Møller.

Turn and for the final match of the South-East region, namely the confrontation against Brazil and Argentina. By the way, because Brazilians do not have a single player from "SK Gaming" (ex-Luminosity), which are two-time world champions. Not even the players involved "Immortals" team is likely to have professional teams busy schedule, they prepare for the upcoming tournaments. So most likely we will have World Championship Tier 2-level teams. At this point in the next stage of the past, such teams: Australia, Argentina and China.

The total prize pool was $ 100,000, and the distribution is as follows:

1st place - $ 50,000

2nd place - $ 25,000

3rd place - $ 10,000

4th place - $ 5,000