"Global GrandMasters": "Team Empire" - champions

28 July 2016

A few minutes ago I ended with a grand finale in the championship "Global GrandMasters". The list of participants was seen 8 teams, but there were many changes. For example, with the start of the stage play-off, the team began to change their formulations, first decided to change the "Vega Squadron", but they were forced to. Since Vladimir "No [O] ne" Minenko said that he has health problems, management "shark" has decided not to risk it and try to play with the replacement. The first was the stendinom Bogdan "iceberg" Vasilenko, that he played against "The Alliance", but significant action, he did not show it, in consequence of which he was not invited to the subsequent matches.

He was replaced by Stanislav "b33" Silencing, now appears "Fantastic Five" for the Russian team. Soon, the team returned to Vladimir "No [O] ne" Minenko, the way he's playing on the center line in his team after his arrival the team went up the results. They were able to reach the grand final, and in consequence lost playoff "Team Empire", with a score of 3: 0, it is worth noting that the "Imperial" had the advantage of a single card, as they passed through the upper grid. Do not forget about the fact that before this championship "Team Empire" have declared that they say goodbye to the Roman "Scandal" Sadotenkovym temporarily and will be performing with Dmitry "UnderShock" Bolshakov. As we can see by the results of this tournament, it is perfectly joined in the squad, the most likely to guarantee themselves an invitation to the first team.