"PENTA eSports" disqualified Starladder

28 July 2016

The organizers of the stellar league informed about the fact that they have decided to say goodbye to the German organization "PENTA eSports". The reason for this was followed by the fact that German players have decided not to play in the European qualifying matches "Starladder I-league". In the third game day, the debut match was supposed to be a confrontation between "Team Kinguin" and "PENTA eSports".

Note that this game was not a key for both teams if the "Team Kinguin" after two days of play have become leaders, they were able to beat the "GODSENT" (06:16; 16:10, 16:12) and defeated their compatriots from the "PRIDE "- (16:14; 16:12), thus Poles from" Team Kinguin "guaranteed a passage in the play-off, while" PENTA eSports "is to be expected refused to participate in the game, as two games they have 0 points, the German team lost all of their games so they are disqualified. And was it worth it? One of the best platforms - StarLadder, this is a very cool opportunity for young bands to himself, but "PENTA eSports" made a decision and it was issued by the wrong career.

At the moment, passes the last match in the second season of "Star League", between "Godsent" and "PRIDE", these teams are fighting among themselves for a ticket to the second stage. Once again, we note the lack of professionalism of teams, as well as the negligence of the championship, first players "PENTA eSports" showed disrespect, not so much for the organizers, for their fans. Who are waiting for their games and cheer for them, because the team is not obscure.