Update CS: GO on 07/28/16

28 July 2016

Game developers CS: GO, namely the company Valve continues to delight us with their updates. At this time, we fixed a few bugs and added gunfire Weapon: MP7, MP9 and P90. By the way, recently it was reported that the Chinese company "Perfect World" has agreed to "Valve", the fact that China was a server for the game. This once again shows that eSports develops, more and more every day. Not for nothing in Russia eSports recognized as an official sport.

Read more about the changes on July 28 you can read below:


- Radar does not disappear when the winners of the panel is displayed.

- Added change some elements of the user interface implemented in preparation for the transition to the Panorama UI. You should not feel any noticeable changes in the user interface functionality, but this is the first step in the transition to the new system.


- Changed sound when hit with P90, MP7 and MP9

- Changed the sound of gunfire and recharge for P90, MP7 and MP9

- Slightly reduced the volume of fire for the recent change in the sound of weapons

- Established a sound option for the default headphones instead of speakers. (When you play with headphones or speakers with the included virtual 5.1 / 7.1, 5.1, make sure that the same is included in the audio CSGO settings menu.)


- Network viewing angle accuracy to other players no longer lose packets.


- Updated autobuy REBUY and scripts to support 2 Flashbangs and redistribution of procurement procedure (in the case of insufficient funds.)

- Added to the alternative tracers shooting on Aug, Sg, Glock, and Famas.

- All shotguns mounted, except the XM, a semi-automatic firing mode.

- AWP and SSG08 now as leave thrown holder.


- Fixed a crash servers

- Fixed a bug where non-Latin characters are not preserved in the cfg file.


- Fixed a bug in the demo menu control, console and other menu control that do not display a button 'X' to close the window.