Innocence: "Status and mood of the players during the match - it is a very important factor in Dota"

28 July 2016

"Wings" team player in the discipline Dota 2 - Zhang "Innocence" Lipin decided to communicate with the portal "Gosugamers", before the major championships "The International 6". Recall that the boys made their way through the Chinese qualification to the main stage of the tournament, thereby confirmed their superiority over the Chinese team. By the way, at the recent championship "The Summit 5," they took the first place, thereby strengthening the moral before the tournament with a prize fund of 18,472,000.

Here are the key proposals that said "Innocence" portal "Gosugamers":

"We played against VG.R several times before, and we know each other very well. In many ways we are very similar, because both teams are composed mainly of young players. I think both of us do not have enough experience. LGD and Newbee were strong teams for a long time, and their players are more experienced than we are. We tried every way they learn to confront them on an equal footing.

At the end of [Nanyang] Newbee condition it was better than ours. Since we played all five cards, this series was very interesting. Both teams used their strong characters and strategies, so that the match was spectacular. In each map, we lost or won, we got the experience to future games. So we really want to thank Newbee for such a high level of play.

I sincerely believe that there is a big difference in the skill of the teams that participated in The Summit. All of them are very strong, and we won only because we were lucky to better tune and prepare the strategy in this Mete. Status and mood of the players during the matches themselves - this is a very important factor in Dota »