The International 2016: Review teams of the European region

02 August 2016

In the main event of the year 2016 The International Europe will represent just 6 teams and among them only one of the CIS region. Already today Wild Card round starts on August 2 and August 3 tomorrow begins Group Stage, where the top 16 teams will compete for a record $ 19+ million.

Arena, which will host games TI6 - KeyArena in Seattle, USA

# OG won two Majors of Valve: The Frankfurt Major in 2015, and The Manila Major 2016

Roster OG team won 2 of the last 3 major, has remained stable since the formation of the team 31 October 2015. In addition to these Major, OG won for the last year has 3 first prizes in various tournaments DOTA 2 prime level.

OG team's achievements over the last year

Among all the teams has steadily OG 3-4 places in the ranking of the best teams in the world. And the authoritative edition of eSports has recently published its ranking of teams that perform at The International in 2016, where OG has the highest scores. And players OG - Amer Miracle- Barkawi and Andreas Frank Cr1t- Nielsen in the top five players in the tournament in the individual ranking. OG - a team that has a significant advantage in a massive attack at the beginning of the match, then its hard to stop. And it's not the only in OG playgame.

# Team Liquid won EPICENTER and The Defense Season 5

Team Liquid Team Roster playing together since October 2015, but over the past year they repeatedly missed winning trophies at the highest rated tournaments, DOTA 2, winning second place. So it was:

The Manila Major 2016
ESL One Manila 2016
and The Shanghai Major 2016

In the ranking of the strongest different authors give the "liquid team" different place from the 5th to 14th among teams in the world. But among the tournament TI6 team teams give the prestigious 3rd place.

# Natus Vincere won The International 2011 and StarLadder i-League Season 2

"Born to Win Team" has the highest statistics of all winners of The International all years: One gold and two silver. Despite the fact that the last significant victory for the team in the highest-rated tournament was already gold in 2011, the team has Horgos attitude, because they won the last tournament before the TI6 (StarLadder Season 2). Key player Daniel Dendi Ishutin regularly occupies the top position among all the DOTA 2 players in the world. In the team rankings consistently takes 3-6 position. Once again, we will focus: Navi - the only team CIS Regina, in which a huge number of strong teams pillboxes.

# Team Secret won The Shanghai Major in 2016 and 6 tournaments with Premier level

After a stellar team was the last to The Manila Major 2016 Team Secret roster was shuffled twice. Only Clement Puppey Ivanov in the team in 2014, the other teammates in the list of active players were invited in August 2015 and March 2016.

Team Secret Team's achievements over recent years

The ratings Team Secret command is placed on the Olympic 2nd place (among all teams in the world).

# Alliance won StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 1 and World Cyber Arena 2015

Alliance, as well as Team Secret, put on The International in 2016 as winners of European qualification. But the record of the Swedish Alliance list yet, and gold at The International in 2013.

Alliance's won tournaments in recent years

# Escape Gaming has a chance to get to the Main Event in the Wild Card round

Yuri Donchenko