At BlizzCon 2016 will be a new world Сhampionship in Overwatch. All details here.

05 August 2016

The game Overwatch, which is rapidly gaining the number of its supporters out to the international arena. Overwatch was announced at BlizzCon 2014 as the official release published in May 2016. Despite the youth game, Overwatch, according to the latest reports, gained 15 million users. So developer Blizzard Entertainment has announced the international championship between the teams of the world. Final games Overwatch Championship will be held at BlizzCon 2016 in November this year, the Anaheim, USA.

All participants of the championship will be qualifying tournaments in 2 stages. The first stage will take place on the selection of participants who will represent the country. Anyone who has a account can vote 1 time for 1 representative of his country. The number of participants organizers will include not only the professional players, but also known streamers, gamers who occupy a prominent place in the community of fans of the game in the region. Voting starts on August 11 this year.

pick-up games in the format to 2 wins (Bo3) will take place in the second stage of the team championship of the participating countries. Total at this stage of the competition take place on 12 countries in North and South America, 36 from Europe and 12 from Asia and Oceania. Among the CIS countries in the second stage of the qualifying round of the Championship participate: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. Start qualifying games of the second stage of the Championship on Overwatch world - in September 2016.

In the finals of the championship on November 16 will go on the 6 teams from Europe and 6 - from Asia and Oceania, and 4 teams - from North and South America (overall 16 teams). During BlizzCon 2016 the team will compete in a round robin in the Group round. Format group matches: 2 wins. Grand-Final: Bo5 (to 4 wins).

The following countries are included automatically organizer: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, New Zealand, USA, and South Korea.

Blizzard Entertainment promises in the future to expand the list of countries participating in the World Championship Overwatch. Cash prize for their participation in the championship is not provided.

In addition to the World Championship on Overwatch, at BlizzCon 2016 will take place 5 other World Cup games: StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm.

Yuri Donchenko