"Preparation" are four

06 August 2016

As reported by Ukrainian players, the Danish organization "Team Preparation", they decided to say goodbye to a Belarusian Roman "CyberFocus" Crake. Recall that this is not the first time when Roman was asked to leave the team. For example, when he played for the "Imperials" ostensibly because of disappointing results, he left "Team Empire", despite the fact that he was the key player there.

At this time, "Team Preparation", and in particular players have decided to cease cooperation with Roman as "CyberFocus" very nervous after unsuccessful rounds or actions in the performance of his team. In its official statement, which was published in the group VKontakte dedicated player - Roman said that these issues were still in the "Team Empire". In recent years, he is not very confident in their actions, that this was the reason for which the player gets nervous and act out so poorly. The player said that he would continue to confront this problem, we will change something in yourself. We hope to have such a famous player of the CIS will succeed and he will continue his career in the team with which he will not spend the nerve cells.

Today, as part StreamWay Invitational, Roman did not take part in this game, it replaced the Roman "z1" Poltavchenko, the way they beat their opponents, which is "Epiphany Bolt", who knows, maybe it is "Z1" will become the official fifth player, it we will inform soon after the official announcement. Also recently in its Steam-profile team logo placed Alex "ubique" Polivanov, and in the community has information that he can become a full-fledged player in structure, but has denied these rumors.