"ESL One New York": known details

06 August 2016

The organizers of the championship "ESL One New York", which will be held in the same city of New York announced the format of the matches. Earlier, the date of the chosen period was from 1 to 2 October. Also invited to this championship got: "SK Gaming", "G2 eSports" and "Team Liquid". It is worth recalling that the more likely one will be attended by "Natus Vincere", but in the new line-up, based on the source in the form of site "ESPN", "Na`Vi" decided to say goodbye to Daniel "Zeus" Teslenko and try to play with Alexander "s1mple" Kostyleva.

Also on the "ESL One New York" we will see a very interesting of the system, whose name "Swiss", is used in various board games, very popular in chess the way, it has already been used in the tournament CS:. GO, whereas in the European qualifying for the "ESL One Cologne" organizers decided to hold a championship in this format.

What he really is?

Teams will be placed into one group and hold several rounds, after which will be announced semifinalists, finalists and the winner. The draw for the rounds carried out at random, and it is very wrong. If some grandee caught rivals the best teams in the first matches, and they lose, they will finish his speech in the tournament. But do not forget that if you are preparing for the championship, you have to be sure and have a willingness to play with all opponents, someone else was.