Complexity decided to change your CS: GO-composition

06 August 2016

Today it was reported that day that the American organization "Complexity" has decided to say goodbye to one of the key player in their organization - Joshua "sancz" Belendzhera. He, in turn, has given a lot of time to develop an American organization for the better. But this time, the management of the American company decided in favor of the young player "Selfless" - Michael "Uber" Steypelsa.

American known for his performances of the little-known team, he participated with the team at the online qualifiers, and more qualifications, but significant, and good results are not shown there. The last really big achievement is qualifying for the composition "MLG Columbus", where the Americans were able to get into the main part, but could not get out of the group, and then fell down, the players began to leave compound.

"Complexity" is to be expected decided to change its composition, this was clearly done because of the disappointing results of the team in recent years, as of the last tournament, the boys flew to absolutely everyone. For example, ELEAGUE Season 1, the US team was invited to the group stage, but they lost 5 of 6 meetings that subsequently did not allow them to leave the group. You can also recall the tournament called "iBUYPOWER Invitational", where players "Complexity" sensationally lost to "Selfless" with a score of 2: 0 and took off.

That's what coach said, "Complexity" - Matt "Warden" Dickens:

"I am very pleased to welcome Michael to our team ... Combine these 5 players in one piece is my priority, because I believe that it will lift our team to the next level. I look forward to when Michael joined us here in Texas, over the next few weeks. "