Results of the first matches "Wild-Card-tournament": EHOME and Escape won

06 August 2016

So began the long-awaited and grand championship in the discipline of Dota 2 - "The International 6". At the moment are "Wild-Card-games" that will decide which burst forth as the two teams to the next round and will compete in the group stage, with all 14 teams. Recall that last year, the Chinese team "CDEC" was able to pass this mini-tournament in the most persistent struggle. And even able to get into the Grand Final, where unfortunately conceded "Evil Geniuses", but showed a really interesting game.

As for today's games, the discovery was a confrontation between the "Escape Gaming" and "Complexity", and "EHOME vs" Execration ". The Chinese and the team" Synderena "approach to this mini-tournament from the favorite. The first card is not confirmed, because Malaysians sensationally defeated "EHOME", while the "Complexity" suddenly became the best in the game "Escape Gaming".

But later, in a further two cards, "EHOME" and "Escape Gaming" were able to confirm the status of a favorite, thereby guaranteeing a ticket to the next stage. And this is the final top grid where these two teams will meet each other in a best of 3 series, while in the lower part we will see a match between the "Complexity" and "Execration", the loser leaves the tournament and says goodbye to the championship, prize fund It amounts to $ 19,000,000.