"Comanche" decided to say goodbye to Rommie

06 August 2016

According to the official group of the organization "by Comanche" in one of the social network - "VKontakte" - ROMMI left the team. Roman "rommi" Golubev is now a free agent and is looking for a new team. I would like to provide some pre-history of its occurrence in the eSports scene. In my opinion the peak of his career began in the championship in Lithuania - "Global GrandMasters", where he attended the tournament with "Team Quest" team, the composition was as follows: Cyril "vvalter" Varfalameev, Eugene "fenya" Mitsik Roman "z1" Poltavchenko, Victor "nsww" Kravchuk. It is in this part of the guys are champions of the tournament "GameShow", in the final could beat their opponents from "GamePlay.DNA" confident enough with the score 2:0 on the cards.

The unexpected decision by the Roman leaving the composition after these results, as well as you can remember that "Team Quest" after winning the event in Lithuania received a small pop and bad declared themselves on open spaces CIS scene and showed that they are ready to fight on different online qualification and selection stages. They are even interested in an organization that is still engaged in cooperation with the CS: GO-composition.

Where to continue his career Novel "rommi" Golubev is currently unknown, perhaps we will see in "Space Jam", because this team today announced that they have found a player and, unfortunately said goodbye to one. Most likely, Ivan "F1L1N" Semenets leaves the composition, and it will take its place "rommi". In my opinion part of "Comanche" likely to say goodbye, and with Roman "z1" Poltavchenko, who will continue his career in "Team Preparation", as it has long been in favor of them as a replacement.