Alexander "s1mple" crutches and the announcement of his new team

06 August 2016

The new team of the famous Ukrainians - Alexander "s1mple" Kostylev will be announced tomorrow at 17:00 in Kiev. Who could it be a mystery to this news, we would like to predict who it might be. Today Alexander merry good in his twitter-account, first he published the photo in the office "Natus Vincere", and only later, after the launch of its stream-broadcast, he began to wear T-shirts Team: "FlipSid3", "HellRaisers" and "Ninjas in Pyjamas" . Good "s1mple" propiarilsya here without question.

Well, I would like to share your opinion about this whole situation, the first concerning the photos in "Na`Vi" office, would he so openly spread pictures of it before the official announcement? The answer is no, because the popularity of excess "Na`Vi" will move on to the Twitter-account of Alexander. Earlier, he said that he will sign a contract with the team, the game which is a dream for him. In most interviews "s1mple" said that really wants to join the camp of the "Born to Win".

And only recently, in the "ESPN" authoritative portal it appeared as if the official information that Ukrainians will replace Daniel "Zeus" Teslenko in "Na`Vi". This information is currently not confirmed. Also there are rumors that he might join the "FaZe Clan", "Ninjas in Pyjamas", just keeps out of these options, as Sasha left America to pursue a career in the CIS region. "Hellraisers" or "Na`Vi", with a probability of 80-90% is probably it is yellow and black, because the count "Hellraiser" his dream, it's probably ridiculous. Official information will be tomorrow at 17:00 Kiev / Moscow.