Update Dota 2 on 4/8/16

06 August 2016

In Dota 2 added support for virtual reality

With the latest update of combat gaps in Dota 2 have the opportunity to watch the matches in a virtual reality. To do this, the owners Battle Pass and HTC Vive helmet must activate Dota VR Hub. Watch the game can be on a large virtual screen, and by clicking on the mini-map, viewers can and do go right on the battlefield.

Recall that yesterday the prize 2016 The International Fund for the championship Dota 2 beat last year's record. If in 2015 played out $ 18.4 million, is now greater than the sum of $ 18.5 million. And this despite the fact that before the tournament is two weeks, which means the fund is likely to have time to get even bigger.

List of changes:

(!) Added a new entry treasury called Treasure of the Crimson Witness 2016:

- The treasury will contain items from Immortal Secret Shop store with a unique visual design.

- Chance to get the treasury will be for those spectators who will be inside KeyArena at shedding the first blood match in the tournament.

- To get the treasury, the audience in Seattle should link your badge with a Steam account.

(!) Fixed a bug due to which the forecast called "Total games played at the main stage," counted the group stage of the game.

(!) For the players from the Chinese region added a dedicated server to improve download videos in the vote for the best video in the competition of short films The International 2016.

(!) Added a new color in-game autographs for The International.