s1mple joined Natus Vincere

06 August 2016

Today, the sad news came for CS legends fans: GO-scene - Daniel "Zeus" Teslenko, the organization "Natus Vincere" announced that they said goodbye to Kharkov legionnaire. Recall that Daniel joined the team in 2009, with "Born to Win", he won a large number of trophies, was the world champion in the discipline of CS 1.6. With regard, CS: GO, and there he also showed a great shooting and understanding of the game, in consequence of which "Na`Vi" were one of the best teams in the world, ahead of Ukrainians were only "Fnatic", "SK Gaming" and "Ninjas in Pyjamas".

Rookie team was Alexander "s1mple" Kostylev very young but promising player has over their shoulders a large amount of experience, you can remember his game for commands such as: "FlipSId3", "HellRaisers" and the most memorable moment for the player become a team "Team Liquid ". It is with the American team, he made it to the final of "ESL One Cologne 2016", also won 3-4 at the World Championship under the name "MLG Columbus". Interesting is the fact that a huge number of scandals associated with Alexander, he speaks badly about the players, if they in some situations demonstrate the absurd game and thus have s1mple morale falls.

By the way, a dream come true, you ask what does it mean?

The obvious answer is, in a lot of interviews this player stated that the play "Natus Vincere" for it is a great honor and motivation. The first games in the completed part of the guys hold in September, as part of the second season of "Starladder StarSeries", which will be held in China. Daniel "Zeus" Teslenko is currently on vacation, he, by the way, said that he had something come up after his arrival in Ukraine. We can only guess what would it be? The Stream-translation, a new team and some new role, will see in the near future.