Director General Vega Squadron: «Forced to hold Solo and No [o] ne does not make sense"

06 August 2016

Director General Vega Squadron, Alexey Kondakov, spoke about the current state of the composition of Dota 2

- You are known for trying to avoid replacements in the team or minimized. Were you willing to continue to serve the same composition after the failure in qualifying to The International 6, but maybe with some structural changes?

- After the defeat in qualifying I would leave unchanged composition. There were thoughts command psychologist, coach. I still believe that the potential of the staff was great, and we by no means exhausted. An indication of this is the way we can play well, and how to play bad, that is, it is not enough stability. I thought that the coach and the psychologist can solve this problem.

- But now the situation is such that Solo and No [o] ne want to try myself in a new part of Virtus Pro. The situation is quite complicated. Could you explain it?

- Yes, they really want to change the team, but the current situation - preliminary and may change. At the moment, Alexei and Vladimir have long-term contracts with Vega Squadron, and they remain players in our team. When they finally agree to move, and Virtus Pro agree with Vega Squadron conditions of their transfer, we will go to meet the players. Forced to keep them makes no sense - from all of this will only make things worse.