The hard way to the top. An interview with the player of Escape Gaming Adrian Era Kryeziu

08 August 2016

Former player Fnatic, No Diggity, and Ninjas in Pyjamas Adrian Kryeziu, acting under the nickname Era, like anyone else known periods of success and decline. Life moves forward and the 20-year-old Swede now stands with a team of friends to Escape Gaming. The team arrived at The International 6 to participate in the Wild Card, which was already a success. However, the guys showed character, and here they are in the group round. And although they have passed Group A without winning a single game (2 draws and 5 defeats), Adrian "Era" Kryeziu said that the team is worthy of a place in the Top 8 of the Main Event this year, The International 2016. Interview with the Era before the match with Fnatic in the lower branch Playoff read below.

Team Escape Gaming

- Are you happy with your achievements in the tournament or you tried to take 1-4 place in Group A?

Era: Now we play to win and hope for the best. Start at the Wild Card on TI6 was heavy. So out of the Wild Card - it is already a great success for us. Next game in the group was good practice for us. We feel a little behind from other teams, most Round games we have a great experience. Not that we did not play to win, but we really understand our chances.

Photo Escape Gaming, which has become legendary

- You've done amazing team photo. Who came up with this idea a photo?

Era: Ha ha! Nobody. It was just fun, we had fun. And when we went to a professional photographer, we frolicked like small children.

- How did you become Escape Gaming?

Era: We are looking for sponsors - I syndereN - and we needed sponsors with a good name and legal income. Escape - a legitimate organization. Before that, I heard that they have CSGO-team. They made us an offer.

- It is estimated that your team Escape Gaming earned only one Wild Card round of the tournament The International 6 more than in the previous 4 months of competition. How do you think to justify their participation in the tournament in terms of compensation?

Era: Yes, you need a guaranteed money. After only one game in DOTA not having an organization that is behind you, or without a win in a tournament, you probably will be dissatisfied. It does not matter, you - the tape drive or you have a sponsor who supports you as a player - it is important to have support when you spend so many hours in the game.

- Last question. To have taken places 13-16 will be sufficient in this tournament?

Era: I would not be satisfied. I would like it if we went into the Top 8. Because I really think that we deserve in terms of individual skill players on the team. At the same time, I'm not going to be very disappointed if we lose the first match against Fnatic in Playoff. Of course, it sucks to lose, but we are all humans and we will try to play well. But, unfortunately, sometimes the best is not enough, and I accept this fact. I'm still happy that we came second in the Wild Card.

Yuri Donchenko