Jony BoY join INTZ

08 August 2016

After Gustavo "SHOOWTIME" Gonçalves announced his temporary replacement in SK Gaming, INTZ were left with four players, this is what has caused the addition of the Argentine player Jonathan "JoNY BoY" Muñoz.

As already mentioned, "INTZ" were left with four players after the "ex-player Immortals" - Gustavo "SHOOWTIME" Goncalves declared that he will be temporarily replaced by Fernando "fer" Alvarenga is representative of the "SK Gaming" will not be fully recovered after two medical procedures.

"INTZ" is now announced that Argentinian Jonathan "JoNy BoY" Munoz full composition of a player, before Jonathan was a former player of "2K Gaming" will replace the departed "SHOOWTIME", thereby staffed structure. "Jony BoY" has a wide range of achievements from the past, including first place in the "Gigabyte Top League # 3", winning the 2016 World Cup, namely the South American qualifying, where the Argentine team was able to beat with a score of 3: 1 team against Brazil and the most recent was a second place finish in the league XLG 2016.

Munoz has posted the following on his page on Facebook:

"People come to give you good news honestly did not expect you all of a sudden. I'm going to be part of the team INTZ e-sports club is an honor for me, no doubt, play in the organization of Brazil and more than a large, in addition to play with people, Rafael "Cogu" Camargo legend COP. not to mention all the teammates as KHTEX, Allan "invul" Diniz, Augusto "Gut0" Bertora.

I am very pleased to be able to have this opportunity, I will be traveling next week to of GH to tone and prepare for what is coming. I also want to thank my temmates, who supported me in this decision, and I was brought up to me to go, and I did, they were going to fix not expect. Frankly, I learned a lot from them, and I want this scene continues to grow. "

After the arrival of the "INTZ" Jonathan "JoNy BoY" Munoz, the composition is as follows:

Rafael "COGU" Camargo

Augusto "gut0" Bertora

Allan "invul" Diniz

Dinnir "khtEx" Barchfild

Jonathan "JONY BoY" Munoz