The International 6 Prize fund exceeded $ 20 million

09 August 2016

On the eve of the start of the main part of The International 2016 prize pool reached a new unprecedented heights: 16 contestants will compete with each other for more than twenty million dollars!

It can be assumed with near certainty that the current rate of growth in prize money will not be enough to overcome the next bar ($ 21 million) for the remaining 6 days of the tournament. Therefore, if you have correctly predicted the range in which stop the growth of the prize The International 6, we hasten to please you: your inventory will soon be supplemented by ten levels to combat badge!

We remind that last year's record was broken a few days ago (in 2015, the team played the $ 18,429,613) - The International Championship in 2016 was the largest in the history of eSports on the size of the prize fund. In honor of this event, each holder of The International 2016 Battle Pass will receive three special chest Trust of the Benefactor, containing Immortal-treasury this year, a random set for the hero, the subject of the rarity of Arcana or even more valuable reward (more about this you can find on the official website). All prizes will be issued after the expiry of the combat badge - presumably in September 2016.

After Valve voiced distribution of the prize pool, it was found a curious fact: the proportion of the winners of The International in 2016 exceeds the total prize fund of all tournaments League of Legends for the years 2011-2015 (the difference of a few hundred thousand dollars). Champions of this year will get 44% (see the distribution. Below a spoiler).

In addition, it is clear that the winners get to the top list of richest competitive players in the world. It is possible that the victory in grandfinaleThe International 2016 will also be entered in the Guinness Book of Records, as happened with The International Newbee after 2014.

Recall that the fundraiser will last until the end of The International 6, the bulk of which will be held from August 8 to 13 at the Key Arena