Sam "BuLba" Soseyl: "Right now our morale is on the rise."

09 August 2016

Sam «BuLba» Soseyl, offlaner "Team Secret", in an interview for "Liquid Dota" commented on the performance of the team in the group stage "The International 6".

"After the first day we felt confident. Training went well, everything was going well, and then on the second day out of nowhere we got a 0: 6. Part of this has shaken our confidence. We knew that something goes wrong. You lose two games, then another two games, and then in the last episode of the second day, I think we would have conceded to anyone, because they were not confident the whole time. But we have learned a few things for the night and the next day. We met with "Newbee", but it was very shaky games, and then, finally, again regrouped and defeated the "Liquid" 2: 0. Unfortunately.

Due to this [victory] we have restored our confidence and hopefully we can do well at the bottom of the grid. We can not say that this is impossible. We definitely can go far in this tournament. And we can still take first place.

Now our morale is on the rise. We have a captain, who we trust, we have a team very smart players. We are constantly talking about the game. We just need to tune in to your style, and all will be well ", - he concluded" BuLba ".