Aren "Versuta" Zurabyan said: "For me Bo1 - is pure roulette."

09 August 2016

Aren «VeRsuta» Zurabyan, known in the CIS commentator and analyst on "the Dota 2", showed dissatisfaction with the system of playoffs The International 2016. According to him, all the teams, including teams who have got to the bottom of the net, to play immediately in the format Best-of-Three (Bo3 - two wins).

«Best-of-One ... To" Dota2 "this format is comparable with a tape measure. Win one card can absolutely every team.

"Natus Vincere" could easily beat his opponent, we would all be happy, and this team as "Liquid", would be taken off from the tournament after losing in roulette. Let us, instead of Best of 1 matches twist roulette "Rilayki": who gets the "lasso", and those will continue. No kidding, the conditions are similar to the 99%

I'm not the smartest, but is impossible after the group immediately play the first round of the lower grid in the Best-of-Three (Bo3) format?

Bo1 For me - it is the purest roulette. I would like to Dota2 in this format was reduced to zero ", - Zurabyan wrote on his page in the social network" VKontakte ".

Recall that the first round of the lower grid playoff championship was held in the Best-of-One format (Bo1) - to win in one set. Subsequent rounds will be played in Best-of-Three format (Bo3) - to win in two sets.

In turn, all the matches of the upper bracket of the championship will be held in Bo3 format. The decisive game The International 2016 will be played in Best-of-Five format (Bo5) - to win in three sets.