Is EG can repeat last year's success. Interview with UNiVeRsE

10 August 2016

More than $ 20 million dollars - a record prize pool ever recorded in the eSports tournaments since the first competition in Doom 2 and Quake in 1997. On KeyArena arena in Seattle, USA 18 thousand fans watching the game closely 16 best clubs in the world.

Evil Geniuses won the Cup The International 5

On the second day of matches the upper bracket winner bracket Playoff The International 6 most elite club DotA 2 Evil Geniuses (EG, Evil Geniuses - English) gave an exemplary fight Newbee Chinese star. 4 millionaire club EG, who lifted the trophy in 2015 and the entire team earned $ 6,634,661 USD, showed that jokes with them can not be - they are the strongest in the world. But Saahil UNiVeRsE Arora wants to repeat last year's triumph of his team.

EG - the first in the ranking of DotA teams in the world. Newbee - fifth

"I felt just fine I think we play well against any of the Chinese team." - Said CAAX.

"I think the match with Newbee I was not afraid of any of them at all! Because they played very passively. Their peaks are standard. They have not done anything that would go beyond."

Golden wins of Evil Geniuses team in recent years - plenty!

If the Americans of EG will be held today from Chinese, they will be the only non-Asian team in the top branch winners bracket. By the way, the situation is one-to-one repeats last year's picture on The International 5, when EG is also met in the semifinals EHOME winners bracket. In 2015, they won 2: 1.

UNiVeRsE Team - 1 place for wins in official tournaments of all teams in the world in all disciplines

But UNiVeRsE believes that the challenge for his team in the game with EHOME more serious than Newbee.

"I think they are playing a more aggressive style. I have the concerns with respect to EHOME games. This will be the fight"

UNiVeRsE says that his team began preparations last night with a view of the match against sister EHOME Alliance team (the previous round Playoff game), in which Chinese professionals were stronger than 2: 0. Also UNiVeRsE teammates studied their previous games at the tournament with error correction, finding instances in which it would be possible to improve the game.

"This is something similar to chess, where each team in the tournament tries to outwit the other, looking at the previous matches."

UNiVeRsE - 26 years old, he is a millionaire and a respectable age for a pro-gamer. But still focused on winning.

Yuri Donchenko