ENCE, MK qualified for ESEA GC LAN [CS:GO]

14 August 2016

"ENCE" and "MK" have won their respective semi-final meeting of the 22 European season playoff tournament ESEA Premier and secured a place in the Global Challenge Finals, which will be able to fight for $ 50,000.

Playoffs different from under the number 21 division format 22 ESEA Premier season in Europe is that, instead of the top four teams competing in the Internet (offline qualifying stage), each region will see the corresponding online-qualification, which will join the team and will compete for space and a good sized cash award of $ 50,000 at the tournament ESEA Global Challenge LAN, which will take place in the ESL studio in Katowice, Poland from August 27-28.

European division has been given two seats in the tournament, based on the table you can determine the overall favorites in advance, and it was the Finnish boys, respectively ENCE team, who secured first place in the ESEA S22 Global Challenge in the final after defeating the dark horse - the Swedish team " 47 Kalashnikov "beating them with a confident 2-0,

To date, the list of qualified teams for the Global Challenge Finals is as follows:

Region team

Europe: "ENCE", "MortalKombat".

North America: TBD

Brazil: TBD

Australia: TBD

Asia: TBD

South Africa has not yet determined

The following qualifications will be held tonight in North America.

Prime ESEA Season 22 Europe final standings:

1-2 place: "ENCE" - ticket to "ESEA Season 22 Global Challenge"

1-2 place: "MortalKombat" - ticket to "ESEA Season 22 Global Challenge"

3-4 place: "ALTERNATE Attax" - $ 2500

3-4 place: "Kalashnikov 47" - $ 2,500

5-8 place: "Team Spirit"

5-8 place: "ArchAngels"

5-8 place: "NokSuKao"

5-8 place: "Oslo Lions"