The International 2016: OG leave the tournament favorites

14 August 2016

Fighting ended the second day of the playoffs "The International 2016" and the two teams left the tournament, taking place 9-12. This is the former favorite of the tournament, two-time champions of Major-season tournaments outgoing OG team and the Chinese LGD Gamind led by the legendary "Xiao8".

Top Net:

Let's start with an overview of the tour grid "Wiener", where the fate of vouchers in the semifinals. In the first leg clash between "EHOME" and "Alliance". Chinese composition and in the group stage showed a good game, but in yesterday's match and does not leave a chance to the European mix, dominating every map area. Act 2: 0 in favor of "EHOME".

The second match was a test of championship ambitions "Evil Geniuses" and they have shown that sudden reshafl before TI and exit through the qualification was the perfect solution. 2:0 against "NewBee", one of the strongest teams in China danny moment brings EG favorite tournament, and native walls should give the team confidence.

Lower net:

If the "Wiener" matches were predicted by most experts, here in the "loser" happened just two surprises, one louder than the other. In the first place, "Digital Chaos" beat LGD. Yes, DC is now scored a perfect shape, and the team "Xiao8" are not the favorites, but such an easy victory, and DC do not expect, I suppose. 2: 0 in the result and "LGD Gaming" stop at the 9-12 line with $ 300,000 in prize money.

The second match was a real sensation. Favorites of the tournament, two-time champions and pets Major public OG conceded two cards for beginners TnC Gaming and flown to The International 2016, taking place 9-12 and earning $ 300,000. Once again proved itself the "curse favorites The International", when it flies to the favorites of the tournament in the first rounds.

The final moment of the match, and the joy of victory TnC

For "TnC Gaming" This victory is not just a success, and the incredible breakthrough in e-sports, because the history they have earned about $ 50 million, and now take away at least $ 500,000, which is 10 times more.