The International 6: Review yesterday's game day [08/11/16]

14 August 2016

The International 2016 continues to delight audiences with unexpected results! Sure, a few of you expecting this outcome matches that happened yesterday.

"TNC Gaming" [1:2] "Digital Chaos" @ best of 3

TNC Gaming The team at this tournament stole a lot of fans from the team absolutely nobody expected results shown in advance predicting her last lines of the competition. However, Filipinos, led by the famous Demon knew how to be surprised not only his fans, but ordinary viewers extremely unexpected victories over Vici Gaming.Reborn and OG. Meeting with Digital Chaos, TNC Gaming also started for the health: the first card has been won quite confidently.

But we ended up, as they say, for the repose: Resolut1on and the company is able to gather all my strength into a fist and sent the "upstarts" (in the good sense of the word) home, winning two games needed. However, it is not necessary to be upset Filipinos: now they will wait for a welcome guest at many tournaments after The International in 2016, and their feat will be remembered not only the fans of the south-eastern Asia.

"Fnatic" [2:0] "Team Liquid" @ best of 3

Remember, as a captain compLexity Gaming - swindlemelonzz said in Shanghai the prophetic words of the strongest regions, including named America and south-east Asia? Then many a good laugh, but now it seems that he made a mistake by only half a year, because at The International in 2016 there was not one team from Europe! Completely unexpectedly, it is worth noting deservedly defeated Fnatic Team Liquid with a score of 2:0, showing extremely confident and beautiful game.

Of course, we can say that KuroKy and his team are to blame for the defeat on the second map, but the Malaysians with their will to win is necessary to pay tribute: in spite of all unfavorable forecasts, the team proved that originally was worthy to be among those who received direct invites in Seattle.

"Digital Chaos" [2:0] "EHOME" @ best of 3

From the final Wild Card The International? Not this time, China! The representative of this country badly managed to surprise the audience, selected from the first group stage in the playoff race, and then very confidently started in the main part of the tournament. But then the reigning champion in the face Evil Geniuses, and now Digital Chaos managed to pull already mentally representing himself in the grand final players to earth by defeating EHOME with the same score - 2:0.

In yesterday's game in the same turn again extravaganza Resolut1on, which goes right to the title of one of the most valuable players in the competition: it will certainly be dreaming chronosphere players from China in nightmares. Nevertheless, congratulations Roman and Digital Chaos: still have a place in the top 4 and the CIS!