The International 6: Show-match appearance and Pit Lord

14 August 2016

Of course, we are waiting for the last day, and due to such events as the All-Star Game. Alas, it turned out not so impressive and interesting, but gave the audience the long-awaited new hero, rumors of which have been for several years, - Underlord! In the game he also attended, though not particularly memorable: still need time to make good use of this character. Prior to the release remains very little: on August 23, he will appear in all the pubs of the world, and until before its release, we can admire the digit "0" in the win rate graph.

More specifically, I would like to tell you about the failure of the "Valve" company. This "All-Star Game" turned out to be not very spectacular, but it all started with the fact that on stage 10 caused viewers who had to choose a one professional player. It's a shame that called almost all the players in this event played only 10 (about 40 professionals). And now a question for the "Valve" company - why you have invited a large number of players, and then in front of the entire audience was told to them that they left the stage.

Also, in addition to Daniel "Dendi" Ishutina from the organization "Natus Vincere" invited to participate Akbar "Sonneiko" Butaev, but he refused, and eventually decided to return home. Surprised and of format as "Valve" decided not to change nothing in comparison to the previous year and the standard of public conduct 10x10. In other matters, great effects, Pit Lord`a saw only the audience on the Internet and n0tail, who played the show match on this hero. In my opinion this match was a disaster, no ideas from the "Valve" .... In general, it is a failure ...