"PSV Eindhoven" come in eSports. FIFA 17 is gaining momentum

14 August 2016

More recently, football clubs en masse began to "sink" in e-sports, and "PSV Eindhoven" decided not to stand aside, announcing the opening of eSports division.

Comment manager of marketing and media club, Guus Pennings:

"We believe it is important to understand the interests of our fans. World eSports continues to grow very rapidly. Because of the popularity of the worlds of sport and eSports begin to intersect. In addition, many fans of" PSV "daily watch eSports tournaments

Initially planned to be attracted to the organization of the FIFA Player 17. gamer, who will present "PCI" will be chosen through an open tournament. Take part in the competition can be anyone, but just over 16 years. Finals Event will be held at the home stadium PSV - "Philips".

The winner will receive the right to enter into a full contract with the club. Also, management has promised to treat him with the utmost seriousness and to allocate a place for training and education.

It should be noted that FC "PSV" are not the first who has resorted to the decision to do a similar kind of activity - before, eSports for himself opened clubs such as "Atletico Madrid", "Manchester City", "Bayern 04", "Schalke 04" and others.

Football Club PSV was founded by employees of Philips 31 August 1913. Now the team is the current champion of the Netherlands. In the 2016/2017 season in the first round on the 5th place after winning over the "Utrecht".