Clement "Puppey" Ivanov: "On w33ha I spent quite a few nerves"

14 August 2016

Clement «Puppey» Ivanov, captain of Team Secret, in an interview about the reasons RuHub change the composition of the team after the Shanghai Major-tournament. Note that the "secret" completed their performance at this championship, earning a 13-16 place. Likely changes are inevitable.

Also, Clement said that if boys failed the open qualification structure have changed, let us recall that due to the fact that CAAX "Universe" Arorra left Team Secret, they were four of us and had to find a replacement, Kojima became Sam "BuLba" Soseyl.

"I am I, for the most part, w33ha, instead of Misery. And something so vulgar that it was necessary to take the Universe, too, when Arthur wanted. Misery - a great man, and plays very well. W33ha I just nerves ... Well, he's young. I told him: "if you do not change it, then I would be hard." We played DotaPit - nothing changes. Then I decided that I need to show him that we can not. And so it was that Misery had to kick too. In short, everything went wrong.

I think I made the right decision. Even if it was not right for me and The International, I think DC is now everything is going very well, and we also have a good atmosphere [in the team]. Maybe it was wrong, but I had to do something about it, "- commented the decision of Ivanov.