RuHub and CaspeRRR. The scandal continues

14 August 2016

Today, the history of confrontation between the two competing studios was continued. CaspeRRR on its fan page FaceBook lamented the fact that Valve did not put it on commenting grand finale The International 2016.

Roman "CaspeRR" Lehёhin: "This year, I was too bad, because VALVE I decided not to bet on the Grand Final main event of the year ... Let us with comments Lost finals lower grid;)

ZY From Frankfurt on the same plane kartinochka somewhere lying around on the internet ... "

One of the votes given CaspeRRR

Roman brought the results of voting for the best commentator on the two major-tournament - Shanghai and Manila.

This message does not remain without reaction RuHub. With his message addressed Ivan «Faker» Dyomkin the community.

First, Ivan reminded the background - a surprise for the other members of the care CaspeRRR RuHub, carried out due to the fact that the parties simply agree and Roman Lepekhin did not sign a contract.

What happens next. The novel tells about the desire to create competition, gain perspective of people in your team and fight for the championship Ruhabom. Oukey. Passes Starladder, we see new faces in the face of the Elephant, Bafika, Blow, Altaody, Vidzhastzika and returned Inmeyta.

After that, there is a transition Miti "Inmate" in Filinova "RuHub", which, according to Ivan "Faker" Demkina, "Roman touches a nerve."

It begins competition, the first of which was a measure of qualification to The Manila Major. Starladder can not collect the proper amount of spectators and considerably inferior in viewership RuHub studio.

The first serious incident becomes The Manila Major. Seeing that he is the sole representative Starladder, invited to cover the event, Roman "CaspeRRR" Lepekhin wrote an extensive blog that expresses dissatisfaction that the selection system commentators and analysts, which is used by Valve.

Duet GodHunt CaspeRRR and was one of the most favorite among the domestic audience

Qualifications at The International in 2016 the situation with the performance studios not break, however TI6 received invitations from three talent tarladder studio: CaspeRRR, Mob5ter and bafik.

"Well, the climax, at the moment, the lack of Casper on commenting Grand Final. In general, I have great respect for Roman, he is very well enjoyed by certain facts, exposing it all as an unequivocal truth. Well, in this case, of course, the presence of a huge charisma Roma have just doing his job.

The essence here in what, Kasper says that in the opinion of the people he supposedly the best columnist of the three majors, and applies the appropriate screens. Of course, the Roma did not note the fact that Manila Vilata was not, in principle, as the pair Godhant + Lex that well OBVIOUSLY far less media than Casper + Lost Roman off 700 votes, which is not much.

Also, Roma indicates only one of public ... "

At the end of the message, Ivan "Faker" Dyomkin summarized as follows:

What is the outcome? And there is no outcome. There's just a fact that two rival studios vying harshly. My post is actually pure otvetka the post of Kasper about the absence of his commentary on GrandFinala. Casper counted from commenting on the final Inta. But what would he do that? With Mobsterom? I doubt very much. You do not think that I am against starladder as a whole. No, it is not.

There is a very competent staff, with whom we work in including the public areas. In Starladdera stuff in there the best, in my opinion, the director of broadcasting, Alexander, with whom I've worked. Let's see, that will result in "competition" in the new season, but so far the numbers have SLTV speak not about a close competition. We will see what will happen next.

Healthy competition is useful for consumers, so we looked forward to the continuation of the business conflict, but now we offer you the following survey: who do you think is right: Ivan "Faker" Dyomkin and his studio RuHub or Roman "CaspeRRR" Lёpehin.