Vitaliy "V1lat" Volochay: "List Talent at The International 6 are not satisfied"

14 August 2016

Oleg "prb" pins, recently took the position of content manager in the studio Dota 2 RuHub decided to communicate with Vitali "v1lat" trailing, famous Ukrainian sports commentator and cyber events. Questions were posed well, because they affected all the recent events that have occurred on The International 6. First Vitali was unhappy with the team playing "Born to Win" in Seattle, as in his opinion the guys showed all their strategies on the last championship "The Summit 5 "and" Starladder i-league ". He cited statistics that out of 16 games, 14 times banned one of the best players "Natus Vincere" - "Sand King". And in the two matches, where he appeared against the "Wings" team, he made an invaluable contribution to the victory of the Ukrainian team.

Expressed dissatisfaction "v1lat" and toward all CIS teams, but in particular, spoke about the "Natus Vincere", Vitaly invited all teams to finally get a coach, as the majority of European teams have enjoyed the efforts of different specialists. And he believes he can not be very influential for the players, as it has the purpose to make the team play better, not worsen, especially by the always visible.

Very interesting information told about the "Valve" and their choice of the biggest talents in the Championship. Vitaly was unhappy that such hard workers commentators like Nikita "4ce" Katkov and Vladimir "Maelstorm" Kuzminova not invited as a commentator on The International 6 and invite received such less experienced person like Alexei "bafik" Bafadarov and Anton "mo5ster" Erokhin, who works in the studio "SLTV" as the lead, but not a commentator. For more information about everything you can see in the attached interview.