Ex-players "GODSENT" joined "Fnatic" team.

17 August 2016

A few minutes ago we told you that one of the Swedish organization, namely "Godsent" decided to say farewell to three players, and in their place came former representatives "Fnatic": Jesper "the JW" Bill, Robin "flusha" Ronkvest and Freddy " KRiMZ "Johansson. After a while, this information is confirmed, and even, it was announced on the official website of the organization "Fnatic", the guys changed only with the players. Very interesting and that if "GODSENT" ex-players can not tune in "Fnatic" team, they can return to the less professional level. It should be noted that John "wenton" Eriksen has played for the team "Fnatic", since one of the main leaders of the Swedish five, namely, Olof "olofmaister" Kayber experienced with hand problems. He could not help the team for a few months.

In addition to the collective Eriksen joined Simon "twist" Eliasson and Jonas "Lekr0" Olofsson. By the way, the current composition of the "GODSENT" almost complete recovery of the top five organizations "Fnatic", which became the champion of Major level tournaments. But after Marcus "pronax" Walst asked to leave the organization, he began to speak less active on the professional CS: GO-stage, but despite not everything, kept playing and eventually formed a lot of teams, the main steel "Team Ancient", which later some time formed their own organization "GODSENT".

Without a doubt, the emergence of such players as the "twist", "Lekr0" and "wenton" in much of the credit for it Marcus, he gave that player a chance, which eventually resulted guys in that now they act in the best organization in the world CS : GO-stage.