ESports and its nuances connected with the girls

17 August 2016

The eSports almost never had the division by gender: in the same tournaments can serve both men and women. Despite this, women are still a rarity in eSports. Managers professional teams and progamer woman tried to explain why it happened.

Take part in the biggest eSports tournament of the world are both men and women. However, at such competitions to meet a female player is like to see a snowman. For many years the eSports scene consisted mainly of men. Recently, the situation has improved slightly due to female commentators and presenters, but female players in the professional arena is still not enough. Why eSports unattractive for women and what can be done to motivate the opposite sex in progaming?

His thoughts on this topic expressed the CEO of Team Dignitas Michael «ODEE» O'Dell, former captain of the Frag Dolls on Counter-Strike Morgan «Rhoulette» Romain and professional players Hannah «HaySS» Skardal and Victoria «Vicksy» Doman.

Hanna «HaySS» Skardal - player CS: GO-ended LGB eSports:

In the past, games were regarded as occupation for boys. This stereotype is very much appreciated in the society, and I believe that many people still think this way. In order to attract more women in eSports, it is necessary to radically change the video game marketing. We must stop the players to focus on violence. Instead, you need to show the versatility and flexibility of each of computer games to the women themselves saw how interesting can be computer entertainment.

In my opinion, e-sports will be more popular among the girls, if they become more likely to look at the female pro-gamers. The more women will watch these broadcasts, the more interesting it will be computer games in their eyes. I want to mention Intel's efforts to promote e-sports among women. Also conveyed greetings to all female gamers. You are great, and do not let others prove you otherwise!

Morgan «Rhoulette» Romain - Director initiatives:

On we see an ever-increasing influx of female gamers. Alas, on the professional stage it is almost not reflected: women-competitive players are still very small. We believe that the blame for excessive cultural barriers or negative cultural expectations that women face when trying to join professional organizations. Since childhood, women are advised not to pay attention to the game. Parents tell them that the game - for children or adolescent boys. This means that women are faced with resistance, stand them start the game, not to mention how they will be treated if they want to continue to devote time to improve their skills in games. Many also say that women by nature do not have the skills, there are men. Weaker sex also put the blame excessive emotionality and sensitivity.

If a woman chooses not to pay attention to the above-mentioned circumstances, it faces constant harassment from other competitive players. On top of all women do not particularly want to see in professional organizations. Teams are not willing to "risk" and hire female players, even if they objectively are better than men.

We found two factors that would be able to attract more women in eSports. The first is the fight against "toxic" in some games and training players respect for women. Second - in the creation of so-called "role models", professional women players who have set an example to all those who wish to try their hand at cyber arena.

Michael «ODEE» O'Dell - Owner and manager of Team Dignitas:

Ever since the inception of the e-sports games were not attractive to women. I think, therefore, for the first ten years of the first-person shooter and a large number of female pro-gamers. Perhaps the situation will change with the release of Overwatch. It will be interesting to see how the girls will fight for first place in the ladder of the game. For example, our streamer Sheila «Pterodactylsftw» Weidman currently has one of the highest ranks in the world.

The problem with the first-person shooter is their complexity and high entry threshold. Players of the top teams have already played about 15 years. In this scenario, for beginners it is very difficult to fit into the team. Talented players very much, I'm sure. The problem is, how can we bring them to the professional scene. I think now the girls will be more willing to join in the cyber movement. There were the normal salary for e-sports can make a successful career, and there are no more reasons why women are not able to compete with the guys at the top level. The biggest problem - social treatment. It is necessary to find a woman who will be able to play any game at a high level, and it can make a fortune at the expense of mere contracts and sponsors. The same applies to the organization. Sooner or later, these players will appear. It is only a matter of time.

Victoria «Vicksy» Doman - player LoL-ended Team Paria:

There are no constraints for women in e-sports. If you play well and you want to achieve some of the results you will achieve them, regardless of gender. The point is not to force women to play competitive games, but about how to give a chance to those who seriously want to achieve any results. Get the highest rank in the League of Legends - a challenge in itself. And find a woman who wants to break into the senior category eSports, more difficult. The reason is quite prosaic - on the stage are very few female players.

You can not find some one right way to entice women in eSports. Each girl is unique. Fortunately, there are quite a few effective options. The first - even from an early age to support girls who like computer games. The second - to fight against stereotypes. And most importantly - you need to pay attention only to the player's skills, rather than on the floor. Also not prevent mixed support teams consisting of both male and female.