HEARING: Resolution is attached to "Natus Vincere"? [Dota 2]

17 August 2016

Roman «Resolut1on» Fominok may soon become a player-ended "Natus Vincere" on Dota 2. On this hint last record Victor "GeneraL" Nigrini made in the "Twitter".

It is noteworthy that "carry" the Digital Chaos previously laid out in his "Twitter" next post, hinting at possible changes:

Official confirmation or refutation of the fact transfer "Resolution" yet was not. That's how Victor decided to share a message "GeneraL" Nigrini - offlane player in team "Born to Win". What is a true message or another joke in the vast social network Twitter will know soon.

In the past 2016 The International team "Natus Vincere" took place 13-16. Although unsightly appearance "Born to Win" in the tournament, Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kochanowski, the head of the organization "born to win", said the organization is going to keep the current structure. In the following interview on "Dota 2 RuHub" - Eugene "Haris Pilton" Zolotarev - sports director of "Na`Vi" announced that Dmitry "Ditya_Ra" Minenko played quite well and replace it with a part of one is going.

"Digital Chaos" with Roman «Resolut1on» Fominko came in on the World Cup finals Dota 2. In the decisive game "Digital Chaos" lost "Wings" with a score of 1:3. According to the studio "RuHub", Fominok was the best "carry" tournament. Recall that this is not the first time when a player returns from America to Ukraine, and even joined the "Natus Vincere". For example, take the Alexander "s1mple" Kostylev that bad showed itself in the American team "Team Liquid", and some time later fulfilled his dream and joined the "Born to Win".